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Bajaj Hind and Dhampur Sugar Mills

Bajaj Hind Limited (BAJAJ HIN) stands as one of India’s leading sugar producers, with a rich legacy spanning decades. On the other hand, Dhampur Sugar Mills Ltd, often referred to as Dusthan Sugar Ltd, holds its ground as a prominent player in the Indian sugar industry. Understanding the dynamics of Bajaj Hind share price entails delving into the broader landscape of the sugar market, encompassing both historical context and contemporary influences.

Bajaj Hind Sugar Ltd Balance Sheet

Particulars (Sources Of Funds)Mar 2023Mar 2022Mar 2021Mar 2020Mar 2019
Share Capital124.45124.45110.07110.07110.07
Other Liabilities8,118.797,355.347,011.647,012.536,698.35
Total Liabilities15,478.1413,610.2513,679.0714,089.3014,405.70
Fixed Assets10,683.4310,675.1910,653.9710,636.0910,624.77
Accumulated Depreciation4,083.813,871.703,661.933,448.503,234.69
Other Assets5,264.415,940.005,751.495,896.835,977.66
Total Assets15,478.1413,610.2513,679.0714,089.3014,405.70

Bajaj Hind Share Price: Overview

Bajaj Hind share price serves as a barometer of the company’s performance and investor sentiment. It reflects not only the financial health of Bajaj Hind but also mirrors the prevailing conditions within the sugar industry. The share price of Bajaj Hindusthan is subject to fluctuations influenced by various factors, ranging from market demand for sugar products to regulatory policies governing the sector. A historical analysis of Bajaj Hind share price trajectory unveils patterns and trends indicative of its resilience amidst market volatility.

Dusthan Sugar Ltd: An Overview

Dhampur Sugar Mills Ltd, commonly known as Dusthan Sugar Ltd, emerges as a formidable competitor to Bajaj Hindusthan in the sugar market landscape. With a diversified portfolio encompassing sugar production, ethanol manufacturing, and co-generation of power, Dhampur Sugar Mills Ltd presents a holistic approach to the sugar industry. Understanding the operational dynamics and strategic positioning of Dusthan Sugar Ltd provides valuable insights into the broader market dynamics impacting Bajaj Hind share price.

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Bajaj Hindusthan Sugar Ltd Profit & Loss

Particulars(Income)Mar 2023Mar 2022Mar 2021Mar 2020Mar 2019
Operating Profit254.91224.69179.04397.88303.16
OPM PerChange4.044.032.685.974.46
Other Income17.0221.1316.5311.01163.61
Profit before tax-151.34-222.36-282.68-107.73-66.34
Tax PerChange2.381.851.092.193.41
Net Profit-147.74-218.25-279.60-105.37-64.08
EPS in Rs-1.19-1.75-2.54-0.960.00
Dividend Payout PerChange0.

Factors Affecting Bajaj Hind Share Price

The share price of Bajaj Hind Share Price is intricately linked to a myriad of factors, both internal and external. Government policies and regulations governing the sugar industry play a pivotal role in shaping market sentiment and investor confidence. Furthermore, the cyclical nature of sugar production, coupled with global market trends, exerts significant influence on Bajaj Hind share price. Quarterly earnings reports and financial performance metrics serve as crucial indicators for investors gauging the company’s growth prospects and profitability.

Bajaj Hind Share Price Analysis

Conducting a comprehensive analysis of Bajaj Hind share price entails a multi-faceted approach, encompassing both technical and fundamental perspectives. Technical analysis involves scrutinising historical price movements and chart patterns to identify potential entry and exit points for investors. On the other hand, fundamental analysis delves deeper into the company’s financial statements, evaluating key metrics such as earnings per share, debt-to-equity ratio, and return on equity. By combining these analytical tools, investors can gain a holistic understanding of Bajaj Hind share price dynamics.

Bajaj Hindusthan Sugar Ltd Quarterly Results

ParticularsDec 2023Sep 2023Jun 2023Mar 2023Dec 2022Sep 2022Jun 2022Mar 2022Dec 2021Sep 2021Jun 2021Mar 2021
Gross Sales/Income from operations1,730.451,129.831,353.772,035.591,422.781,320.171,523.781,615.921,252.821,345.941,354.411,999.92
Less: Excise duty0.
Net Sales/Income from operations1,730.451,129.831,353.772,035.591,422.781,320.171,523.781,615.921,252.821,345.941,354.411,999.92
Other Operating Income0.
Total Income from operations (net)1,730.451,129.831,353.772,035.591,422.781,320.171,523.781,615.921,252.821,345.941,354.411,999.92
Total Expenses1,675.871,233.541,378.191,873.521,389.341,453.501,544.221,471.591,359.911,397.941,329.591,826.11
Cost of Sales1,383.141,001.491,141.371,545.621,107.961,220.731,304.701,127.611,052.211,154.061,066.381,445.77
Employee Cost102.2589.2087.45120.1894.7785.2178.54109.3485.8273.2273.93107.76
Depreciation, amortisation and depletion expense53.5853.5352.9452.5353.7453.7453.1652.8854.2454.0453.4752.94
Provisions & Write Offs0.
Administrative and Selling Expenses0.
Other Expenses136.9089.3296.43155.19132.8793.82107.82181.76167.64116.62135.81219.64
Pre Operative Expenses Capitalised0.
Profit from operations before other income, finance costs and exceptional items54.58-103.71-24.42162.0733.44-133.33-20.44144.33-107.09-52.0024.82173.81
Other Income2.733.882.804.682.975.413.969.763.562.924.893.31
Profit from ordinary activities before finance costs and exceptional items57.31-99.83-21.62166.7536.41-127.92-16.48154.09-103.53-49.0829.71177.12
Finance Costs37.9340.0243.3250.3494.9732.1432.6558.9461.5562.8070.2660.40
Profit from ordinary activities after finance costs but before exceptional items19.38-139.85-64.94116.41-58.56-160.06-49.1395.15-165.08-111.88-40.55116.72
Exceptional Items0.
Other Adjustments Before Tax0.
Profit from ordinary activities before tax19.38-139.85-64.94116.41-58.56-160.06-49.1395.15-165.08-111.88-40.55116.72
Total Tax0.000.000.00-3.600.000.000.00-
Net profit from Ordinary Activities After Tax19.38-139.85-64.94120.01-58.56-160.06-49.1399.26-165.08-111.88-40.55119.80
Profit / (Loss) from Discontinued Operations0.
Net profit from Ordinary Activities/Discontinued Operations After Tax19.38-139.85-64.94120.01-58.56-160.06-49.1399.26-165.08-111.88-40.55119.80
Extraordinary items0.
Other Adjustments After Tax0.
Net Profit after tax for the Period19.38-139.85-64.94120.01-58.56-160.06-49.1399.26-165.08-111.88-40.55119.80
Other Comprehensive Income10.0010.009.891,769.420.000.000.0028.
Total Comprehensive Income29.38-129.85-55.051,889.43-58.56-160.06-49.13127.51-165.08-111.88-40.5586.20
Reserve & Surplus0.
Face Value1.
EPS before Exceptional/Extraordinary items-Basic0.16-1.13-0.520.96-0.47-1.29-0.390.80-1.33-0.92-0.371.09
EPS before Exceptional/Extraordinary items-Diluted0.16-1.13-0.520.96-0.47-1.29-0.390.80-1.33-0.92-0.371.09
EPS after Exceptional/Extraordinary items-Basic0.16-1.13-0.520.96-0.47-1.29-0.390.80-1.33-0.92-0.371.09
EPS after Exceptional/Extraordinary items-Diluted0.16-1.13-0.520.96-0.47-1.29-0.390.80-1.33-0.92-0.371.09
Book Value (Unit Curr.)
Dividend Per Share(Rs.)
Dividend (%)
No. of Employees0.
Debt Equity Ratio0.
Debt Service Coverage Ratio0.
Interest Service Coverage Ratio0.
Debenture Redemption Reserve (Rs cr)
Paid up Debt Capital (Rs cr)

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Comparative Analysis: Bajaj Hindusthan vs. Dhampur Sugar Mills

A comparative analysis between Bajaj Hindusthan and Dhampur Sugar Mills sheds light on the competitive landscape within the sugar industry. While both companies operate within the same market segment, they exhibit distinct strengths and weaknesses. Financial comparisons, market positioning strategies, and operational efficiencies serve as key benchmarks for evaluating the relative performance of Bajaj Hindusthan and Dhampur Sugar Mills. Additionally, exploring potential synergies and collaboration opportunities between the two entities unveils avenues for strategic growth and expansion.

Investing in Bajaj Hind Share Price: Tips and Strategies

For investors contemplating entry into the sugar industry, investing in Bajaj Hind share Price warrants careful consideration and strategic planning. While the company presents promising growth prospects, inherent risks associated with the volatile nature of the sugar market necessitate a prudent approach. Diversification strategies, risk management techniques, and long-term investment horizons serve as pillars for constructing a robust investment portfolio that incorporates Bajaj Hind share Price.


Deciphering the intricacies of Bajaj Hind share price entails unravelling a complex interplay of market forces, regulatory dynamics, and industry trends. By exploring the relationship between Bajaj Hindusthan and Dhampur Sugar Mills, investors gain deeper insights into the broader sugar market landscape and strategic opportunities for value creation. As the sugar industry continues to evolve, staying abreast of market developments and leveraging expert insights remains paramount for informed decision-making in the realm of Bajaj Hind share Price.

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