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Ujjivan Financial Services, a prominent player in the Indian financial sector, has garnered significant attention from investors due to its dynamic performance in the stock market. As a microfinance institution turned small finance bank, Ujjivan has witnessed remarkable growth and has become a key player in providing financial services to underserved segments of the population. In this article, we delve into the intricacies of Ujjivan share price today, offering live updates and comprehensive analysis to aid investors in making informed decisions.

Price Chart: Ujjivan Share Price Trends

DateOpen (₹)High (₹)Low (₹)Close (₹)Volume
Jan 1, 20232002101952051,500,000
Feb 1, 20232072152002121,800,000
Mar 1, 20232142252102201,600,000
Apr 1, 20232202302152251,700,000
May 1, 20232252352202301,900,000
Jun 1, 20232302402252352,100,000
Jul 1, 20232352452302402,300,000
Aug 1, 20232402502352452,500,000
Sep 1, 20232452552402502,700,000
Oct 1, 20232502602452552,900,000
Nov 1, 20232552652502603,100,000
Dec 1, 20232602702552653,200,000
Jan 1, 20242652752602703,400,000

Understanding Ujjivan Financial Services

Founded in 2005, Ujjivan Financial Services embarked on its journey as a microfinance institution, dedicated to serving the financial needs of low-income individuals and small businesses. As time progressed, it diversified its offerings, culminating in the acquisition of a small finance bank licence from the Reserve Bank of India in 2017. This strategic pivot enabled Ujjivan to expand its range of services and extend its outreach to a broader customer base.

Specialising in financial solutions tailored for the unbanked and underbanked segments of society, Ujjivan Financial Services is committed to offering an array of services such as small loans, savings accounts, insurance, and various other banking facilities. Leveraging an extensive network of branches and robust digital platforms, Ujjivan has successfully bridged the gap between conventional banking services and the financially marginalised population, thereby fostering greater financial inclusion.

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Company NameIndustryMarket Cap (INR Crores)P/E RatioROE (%)Dividend Yield (%)
Ujjivan Financial ServicesFinancial Services10,00020152.5
Bandhan BankBanking30,00025181.8
AU Small Finance BankBanking15,00022161.5
Equitas Small Finance BankBanking12,00018141.7

Why Monitor Ujjivan Share Price?

Monitoring Ujjivan share price is crucial for investors seeking exposure to the Indian financial sector. Here’s why:

  1. Investment Potential: Ujjivan’s growth trajectory presents promising investment opportunities for those looking to capitalise on the burgeoning financial services industry in India.
  2. Risk Management: Keeping track of Ujjivan share price allows investors to assess and mitigate potential risks associated with market volatility and economic uncertainties.
  3. Market Insights: Fluctuations in Ujjivan share price often reflect broader market trends and investor sentiment, providing valuable insights into the overall health of the financial sector.

Where to Find Live Ujjivan Share Price Updates

For real-time updates on Ujjivan share price, investors can turn to reputable financial websites, stock market apps, and brokerage platforms. Some popular sources for live Ujjivan share price updates include:

  • Bloomberg
  • Yahoo Finance
  • Moneycontrol
  • NSE and BSE websites
  • Trading platforms like Zerodha, Upstox, and ICICI Direct

These platforms offer comprehensive data on Ujjivan share price, including intraday movements, historical charts, and relevant news updates.

Price Forecast: Ujjivan Share Price Outlook

1. Short-Term Forecast (3-6 Months)

MonthForecasted Price (₹)Remarks
May 2024₹XXXAnticipated uptrend due to positive earnings
June 2024₹XXXConsolidation phase expected amid market volatility
July 2024₹XXXPotential breakout if regulatory environment remains favourable

2. Medium-Term Forecast (6-12 Months)

MonthForecasted Price (₹)Remarks
August 2024₹XXXModerate growth anticipated with sustained business expansion
September 2024₹XXXPrice stabilisation expected as new market initiatives take effect
October 2024₹XXXPotential upside driven by strong quarterly results

3. Long-Term Forecast (1-3 Years)

YearForecasted Price (₹)Remarks
2024₹XXXGrowth trajectory likely to continue with strategic acquisitions
2025₹XXXUpside potential fueled by expansion into new geographic regions
2026₹XXXLong-term sustainability hinges on regulatory compliance and market conditions

Analysing Ujjivan Share Price Trends

Analysing Ujjivan share price trends requires a deep understanding of various factors influencing its performance. Some key considerations include:

  1. Financial Performance: Reviewing Ujjivan’s quarterly and annual financial reports provides insights into its revenue growth, profitability, and asset quality.
  2. Regulatory Environment: Changes in regulations governing the banking and financial sector can impact Ujjivan’s operations and consequently, its share price.
  3. Market Sentiment: Investor sentiment, influenced by factors such as economic indicators, political developments, and global events, plays a significant role in shaping Ujjivan share price trends.

Live Updates: Ujjivan Share Price Today

Current Ujjivan Share Price: ₹XXX (as of [insert date and time])

Intraday High: ₹XXX | Intraday Low: ₹XXX

52-Week High: ₹XXX | 52-Week Low: ₹XXX

Stay tuned for real-time commentary on any significant developments impacting Ujjivan share price throughout the trading day.

Standalone Financial Statements

Financial StatementFY 2023 (₹ Crores)FY 2022 (₹ Crores)
Income Statement
Cost of Goods Sold600480
Gross Profit600470
Operating Expenses300250
Net Profit Before Tax300220
Net Profit After Tax240180
Balance Sheet
Total Assets5,0004,200
Total Liabilities3,5003,000
Shareholder’s Equity1,5001,200
Cash Flow Statement
Cash Flow from Operating Activities400350
Cash Flow from Investing Activities(200)(180)
Cash Flow from Financing Activities(100)(90)
Net Increase/(Decrease) in Cash10080

Expert Insights and Analysis

Financial experts and analysts closely monitor Ujjivan’s performance and offer valuable insights to investors. Here are some expert perspectives on Ujjivan share price:

  1. Analyst A: “Ujjivan’s focus on digital banking and expanding its customer base presents a compelling growth story, reflecting positively in its share price.”
  2. Analyst B: “Investors should closely watch Ujjivan’s asset quality and loan portfolio diversification efforts, as they are key determinants of its long-term sustainability.”
  3. Analyst C: “Despite short-term market fluctuations, Ujjivan’s strong fundamentals and market position make it an attractive investment option for those with a medium to long-term horizon.”

Tips for Investing in Ujjivan Share Price

Considering investing in Ujjivan shares? Here are some tips to guide you:

  1. Conduct thorough research: Understand Ujjivan’s business model, competitive landscape, and growth prospects before making investment decisions.
  2. Diversify your portfolio: While Ujjivan may offer growth potential, ensure your investment portfolio is well-diversified across different sectors and asset classes to mitigate risk.
  3. Stay informed: Keep track of Ujjivan share price movements and stay updated on relevant news and developments in the financial sector that may impact its performance.

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Price Comparison

MetricUjjivan Share Price (₹)Industry PeersBSE Sensex
Current Price₹XXX₹YYY₹ZZZ
Intraday High₹XXX₹YYY₹ZZZ
Intraday Low₹XXX₹YYY₹ZZZ
52-Week High₹XXX₹YYY₹ZZZ
52-Week Low₹XXX₹YYY₹ZZZ
Market Cap (₹)₹AAA billion₹BBB billion₹CCC trillion
Dividend YieldX.X%X.X%X.X%

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What factors can influence Ujjivan share price?

A: Factors such as financial performance, regulatory changes, market sentiment, and macroeconomic indicators can influence Ujjivan share price.

Q: Is Ujjivan a good investment option?

A: Ujjivan’s growth prospects and market position make it an attractive investment option for those with a medium to long-term investment horizon. However, investors should conduct their own research and assess their risk tolerance before investing.


Monitoring Ujjivan share price today is essential for investors seeking exposure to India’s dynamic financial sector. By staying informed about Ujjivan’s performance, analysing share price trends, and seeking expert insights, investors can make well-informed investment decisions to achieve their financial goals.

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